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About ATCO Industries

ATCO Industries was formed in 1980, when its President & CEO found that as Director of Quality for a major Tier 1 automotive supplier, many quality inspection companies provided services that were less than extraordinary. Thus, ATCO Industries was born. ATCO Industries uses full-time employees in its quality inspection and containment programs thus insuring the customer is provided with exceptional and highly efficient service. Over the past four decades ATCO has grown beyond its inspection and containment roots to include additional services such as supplier development, warehousing/logistics, manufacturing and technical services.

ATCO prides itself on being the best. We define "best" as having the quickest turnaround, highest level of customer satisfaction, exemplary quality and superior productivity. We believe that all these factors clearly indicate that when all costs are tallied, ATCO is by far the logical choice.


ATCO Industries total workforce of over 1,000 employees consists of:
Managers, Directors of Quality, Quality Managers, Engineers, Quality Technicians, Supervisors, Technical Service Support and Inspectors. We are not a temporary service agency. Our employees are offered comprehensive benefit packages, vacation plans, retirement options, etc. that enable them to feel a sense of ownership and, subsequently, increased work ethic. We provide a safe, clean, and secure working and operating environment to increase the quality and productivity of our employees.

Quality Policy Statement

ATCO's quality policy statement is "ATCO Industries will continuously improve its products and production processes to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers; and will deliver to them, on time and every time, defect-free products and services."