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About ATCO

ATCO Industries prides itself on being the best. We define "best" as having the quickest turnaround, highest level of customer satisfaction, exemplary quality and superior productivity. We believe that all these factors clearly indicate that when all costs are tallied, ATCO is by far the logical choice.



Quality Inspections

ATCO Industries is fully prepared for third party validation action, technical services, and other long-term containment. We have the resources and experience to provide a complete set of services to meet all of your needs.


ATCO Industries is an industry leader in the development of technology and information systems. We deploy modern technology and patented solutions for real time data acquisition and reporting.

Warehousing and Logistics

ATCO Industries operates out of multiple warehouses strategically located in MI, OH, SC, TN, and Mexico. Along with our fleet of trucks, ATCO Industries has the ability to quickly pick up, store, and deliver material anytime and anyplace.


ATCO Industries is extremely proud of our 1200+ employees. Our Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams are ready and able to not only meet, but exceed our clients' ever-changing demands.


ATCO Industries has the ability to provide a vast array of engineering services and staffing resources. Our teams consist of degreed (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) engineers with an extensive amount of experience in their respective fields.


ATCO Industries has extensive processes in place to ensure customer satisfaction is always at the forefront. We are an ever-learning company that capitalizes on our proprietary systems to establish necessary controls and eliminate human errors.

Our Clients

ATCO Industries currently services more than 1,500 clients world wide and is an approved quality source for the major automotive OEM's and tier 1 suppliers.

Ford Motors
General Motors
LG Electronics
Mercedes Benz

ATCO's Quality Statement

"ATCO Industries will continuously improve its products and production processes to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers; and will deliver to them, on time and every time, defect-free products and services."